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BESSIE loves making a mess. She's really good at it. In fact Bessie has a SUPER POWER. She is SUPER MESSY!

Bessie loves nothing more than the chance to examine the world through sights and sounds, touch, smell, and taste! 

She loves looking at things up close and learning what different noises things make.  Loud and soft, high and low, near and far.


BESSIE loves to play in groups and explore the possibilities of any situation.   Every day Bessie is joined by a group of diverse live action kids and their carers who take part in the messy play activities she has organised. 

BESSIE is hearing impaired and often uses Makaton signs as a way to communicate with others. She’s great at making up songs and stories, trying new things and can turn pretty much anything into a super messy game.


As well as being brilliant fun, messy play brings with it many educational benefits – in fact it is a key ingredient in the EYFS.  The incredible flexibility of messy play means that it can be used to deliver all seven of the core aims of the Early Years curriculum.   Messy play is highly engaging, fun and gives children a sense of wellbeing which in turn makes learning highly effective.   Children who are sensory seeking – especially those with SEND – respond particular well to messy play and we will ensure that children who have all kinds of needs are featured across the series.

GET MESSY WITH BESSIE is a great opportunity for co-viewing where kids and their carers can enjoy watching the messy play and then, when the show is over, be inspired to go and have some messy fun together.   Every activity featured in the series will be supported by written and/or video instructions so that carers are fully equipped to be able to replicate the activity with their own little one(s).

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