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You’ve probably seen people talking about their bucket list ideas on social media. Their adventures to be had, goals to be accomplished, and a long list of things they’d like to achieve before they ‘kick the bucket’.​

And, if we’re honest, we’ve probably all had similar ambitions. But for many of us, living life simply gets in the way, and our dreams, wants and wishes remain unrealized.

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Some have delayed and deferred them waiting for the right time, or had to sacrifice them because of loved ones. For others, they’ve simply lacked the courage or the wherewithal. Whatever the reason, they’ve never got round to it – until now.


1000 Things to Do… sees hosts Dan Walker, Helen Skelton and Ore Oduba lead a dream team of best in-class experts to help ageing members of the public revive a broad- range of personal goals, dreams and ambitions they wish to see fulfilled.

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The show will see our benevolent hosts take the lead in facilitating requests and providing contributors with not only the opportunity and the means, but also seasoned support to help them achieve it.


Although contributors are all at different stages in their lives, they will each have unique, heart-warming stories behind their requests that will resonate with the audience. All are united by their belief that now is the right time to ‘seize the day’ and do that ‘one thing’ they’d always promised themselves (or promised someone else) they would do.

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Some requests featured will be epic in scale and ambition, others will be more modest affairs, yet all will be transformative in a personal way, and will be entertaining, informative and uplifting to watch. The range of contributors and requests will be broad and diverse - as will the experts on hand to help them.

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It could be jumping out of a plane, getting a meaningful tattoo, reaching an ideal weight, or at last learning to play a musical instrument. It might be running a marathon, adopting a puppy, learning to drive, going wild water swimming, making stained glass, or sleeping under the stars in the savannah, the list of firsts goes on.


1000 Things to Do… will be a worthwhile, feel good show, with heart, charm and funny bones.

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