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From wiring a plug to fixing your boiler. Reupholstering a chair to making your dinner. Growing your own. To getting you home. Consumer hacks to making snacks. 


He’s standing on the shoulders of thoe whop have gone before. He’s got a wealth of knowledge that’s encyclopaedic, and the ability to make it happen every time.


He’s a motivator. A mentor. A teacher. A coach. A cheerleader. Who’s got your back and step in the gap. No problem to big. No ask too small. This dad knows anything and everything. And if there’s something he doesn’t know; he knows someone who does.


The Dad is a magazine show featuring requests made by viewers and consumers needing help, advice, a hack or how-to. A mix of serious and light-hearted ‘live’ and VT packaged items. The aim of the show is to add value and make life that little bit easier.


The Dad is on hand to show you how and get you through. He’s a god-send. A life-saver. A real public service. 


Informative, inspirational. Warm hearted, feel good.  

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