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Britain is a nation of pet lovers - with almost 20 million cats and dogs have a loving place in the country's hearts and homes. That means pretty much one in two households is accompanied by a pet of some sort.


It’s safe to say we’re mad about our pets, and they’re mad about their owners too, but from time-to-time pets and their owners, must spend time apart. 


For some it’s their long working hours and business commute, for others it’s a work trip or a long-needed holiday or family vacation – whatever the reason, the need is the same. Who’s going to look after our pets whilst we’re away. 


As our beloved pets love their home comforts and familiar surroundings, it’s become increasingly common to have someone else step in and help out or often ‘live-in’ to give your pets the care and attention they need when you’re away. 


But who do you go to who can be trusted? How do you know who is the best fit to look after your adorable Beagle and Chihuahua? Or your Tarantula and Gecko! Who’s got what it takes to look after your Ferrets and your Turtles, whilst loving on your Labrador at bed time?

Step forward The Celebrity Pet Sitters. A Boutique Pet Sitting Agency that represent a diverse roster of Celebrity Pet Sitters who are willing to exchange their time, care and expertise to move in and look after your pets whilst you’re away.


In our returnable series, we meet various pet owners as they arrive at our agency, there to choose which celebrity they think would be the best fit to look after their fury, scaly or feathered friends whilst they’re away. 


With the help of our agency expert team the Pet Sitters are chosen and agreed and we then follow them on assignment, documenting all the trials and tribulations of their different homestays. What could possibly go wrong as our celebrities get to grips living with and caring for their new best friends until their owners return.

The show has heart, humour and charm as we follow the pets and their celebrity pet sitters at home and at play across the UK.

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